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Vacuum Forming Packaging

This is a type of forming, which provides packing solutions for industries that require both small and large quantities. These trays are used in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, fisheries, blisters; 3 D pop up posters, & clamshell.

Blister Trays Manufacturer

The blister is sealed to the blister card by heat and pressure. The card has a heat-activated coating. Sealing requires a blister-sealing unit.

Cold seal blister packaging

Cold seal blister packaging is pressure sensitive packing using a blister card and a transparent blister. This blister is trapped in between two pieces of board, which gets bonded under pressure without the use of heat.

Food Packaging Products

Classic Packaging can produces a wide variety of convenient packages and packaging trays for the food industry, in a cost efficient manner. We offer our clients a variety of materials conforming to FDA and USDA standards .